Certificate handover

In the first week of August 2019, the FiVe project came to a long-awaited climax with the end of the first final examination phase and the ceremonial handing over of the diplomas to the graduates. The final event was an important event not only for the students and their families, but also for the consortium partners from Germany and the partner school HACTECH.

The entire project was designed in such a way that the German partners should be available for advice and support in all respects over the entire duration of the advanced training of the first grade for HACTECH. Although the teaching was carried out exclusively in Vietnamese by the local teachers, the specialist consultants from Baden-Württemberg were always involved in the individual steps of the lesson planning. In order to offer the partner school the opportunity to be able to work together with the German side on every phase of the further technical training, the first final examination was the temporary end of the intensive supervision. With the handing over of the certificate to the pupils, the partner school HACTECH will be dismissed in the desired self-employment.

As foreseen in the technical regulations, the Vietnamese colleagues had already carried out the written tests in advance. Under the chairmanship of the technical adviser Roland Hasenohr, the examining board conducted the first oral examinations.
and in this context the presentations of the technicians Unless otherwise requested by the participating companies, the presentations were open to the public and well attended by fellow students and interested guests.