“The methods used to teach in technical college are very interesting. We are more active, have more freedom and can gain important practical experience. This opens up employment opportunities for international companies or abroad. “

Students of first year of the technical college at the HACTECH, Hanoi

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our students a diploma recognized abroad, thanks to the technical school. This creates new job opportunities for them and they can acquire important professional and social skills by visiting the demanding technical college, which opens up job opportunities for them in Vietnam, but also in Germany, for example. “

Nguyen Khac Kiem, principal of the Hanoi Vocational College of Technology (HACTECH), Hanoi

Intensive meetings around the FiVe project: Time and again, those responsible for the technical school at HACTECH and the FiVe project representatives discuss the development of the technical school for electrical engineering.