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Vietnam has risen to become one of the most important economic nations in Asia in the last 15 years.

Since the opening of Vietnam (Doi Moi) and the repeal of the US economic embargo, the Vietnamese economy is experiencing a continuous boom, and at times the economy is growing at more than ten percent per year.

The strong growth is mainly due to mechanical and plant engineering, the energy industry, as well as the automotive industry and the electronics sector. The rapid development of recent years has meant that Vietnam has been able to attract many investments from abroad. International corporations such. B. Samsung, for example, produces top-of-the-range products for the world market, and has slowly developed a number of suppliers that can compete internationally.

But German companies are already well established in Vietnam. According to the latest data from the AHK Vietnam, 300 German companies have already settled in the country, with trade volumes between the two countries of around 8.8 billion US dollars.

However, both these companies and innovative Vietnamese companies complain about the shortage of qualified technical professionals – especially at middle management levels, ie at bachelor, technician and master level. As is customary in many countries outside the German-speaking area, apart from initial vocational training, which primarily takes place in schools, there is only academic education at universities. As a result of increasing demands in the workplace and rapid technological change in production, it became clear in the recent past that a qualification gap has emerged, especially in middle management and at the level of foremen.