The project FiVe (technical school in Vietnam) is devoted to the gradual creation of a technical school training course in the field of electrical German model and with German qualifications. Alliance partners of the project are the Erfurt Education Center gGmbH (EBZ), the WMU GmbH Magdeburg and the University of Leipzig, represented by the International Institute SEPT (Small Enterprise Promotion and Training). The project is funded by the BMBF.

The industrial and innovative companies in Vietnam have a great need for trained professionals.

This project is a gap in the training needs of the company is to be closed by establishing a technical training according to German standards. In this project approaches will be developed and tested for electrical Vietnam technical training of the subject.

In this project, Vietnamese vocational teachers are educationally and professionally qualified. Action-oriented teaching is a key component in the delivery of instruction and a final, verified by a German – Vietnamese Examination Board, the proof of acquired professional competence.