Project objectives

The project FiVe has taken on the problem and tries to close a gap in the qualification requirements of the companies by establishing a technician training according to German standards. This is to supplement the vocational training system of SR Vietnam with the new training as a technician.

The goal of the FiVe project is the gradual establishment of a first technical education program in the field of electrical engineering in Vietnam, following the example of the Baden-Württemberg technical education. The Vietnamese graduates achieve a degree recognized by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as a "state-certified technician / technician". Furthermore, the training program should be recognized by the competent ministry in Vietnam and serve as a basis for the dissemination of the technical college.

Associated with the introduction of the technical college is the professional and didactic training of Vietnamese vocational school teachers. The establishment of a quality management system (ISO certification) as well as the development of a marketing strategy and a business plan are further goals of the project.

Another goal is the recognition of the technical college degree obtained in Vietnam by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Baden-Württemberg.