About FiVe

For the first time in Vietnam brings the Hanoi Vocational College of Technology in cooperation with the LAK Baden-Würtemberg (Germany), the vocational training with the state-approved technician for electrical engineering at the level of a bachelor’s degree!
In a secondary special education of 8 semesters Vietnamese trainees receive both the regular Vietnamese Associate degree, as well as the German degree for state-approved technician (equivalent to Bachelor) of Thuringia in electrical engineering.

In a German-Vietnamese cooperation project the standards of the German education in Vietnam are established and young people will allow a first-class, internationally recognized professional training. With the newly established Vietnam in training to state-approved technician the special needs of the company are taken up and created a viable career option for young people. In order for the vocational training system of the SR Vietnam is supplemented by the new training for technicians and can serve as a model example for other educational programs.